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  • "Love that cannot suffer is not worthy of that name."

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    So true

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  • awwwwwww ………. I want a hamster band!!! :D :D :D <3

    awwwwwww ………. I want a hamster band!!! :D :D :D <3

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  • "To love someone means to see him as God intended him."

    Fyodor Dostoevsky (via claireandeli)

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  • Yep&#8230; love that ;)

    Yep… love that ;)

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  • tastefullyoffensive:


Hahahahahahahaha :D
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  • True. Jesus wants ALL to come to Him.

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  • "Faith is the art of holding onto things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances."

    C. S. Lewis (via rainydaysandblankets)

    So true. It’s so hard, sometimes…but that’s why it’s an act of faith

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